Giving our women a healthy lifestyle is true Women Empowerment!

While the newspaper today is full of women’s dreams, rights, aspirations and equal opportunity slogans; there is no denying the fact that in a large slice of the world, girls and women remain ignorant about their health issues and the society too is careless about their health quotient. To begin with, take a look at […]

Saving the Saviours!

A Delhi Cancer Institute has been shut for a day after a doctor tested positive for Coronavirus. The same thing happened in one of the leading medical institutes of South India. The pattern has been the same worldwide. A study published in British Medical Journal reports that some hospitals in Italy were closed down because […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly side of Screen Time

Corona Virus Pandemic has changed our lives dramatically in a number of ways. The screen time has surged up drastically during the #StayHome phase with city people in some places reporting it to be as high as 16 hours a day! So what is Screen Time? Every single minute we spend staring at the screen […]