Dr. Sachin Mittal

Dr Sachin Mittal is one of the leading endocrinologists in india based in Chandigarh. He is trusted for providing highest standaed medical consultation withhonesty and compassion.

After initial education at a small town of Khanna in Punjab, Dr. Sachin Mittal did his MBBS and MD from the best of medical schools in Punjab.He stood first and scored highest marks in the university in my M.D. Pediatrics final exam. Driven by the desire to learn more and pursuing the quest for excellence, he decided to do a super-specialization by doing a DM course. Those days very few pediatricians used to do DM especially in a field other than a pediatric subspecialty. Initially, he was selected for DM Neonatology at the prestigious KEM Hospital, Mumbai. But looking for a new challenge and attracted to the world of hormonal disorders, he left the seat of DM Neonatology.

He went on to do D.M. in Endocrinology at the prestigious Topiwala National Medical College and B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Mumbai. He considers himself blessed to be mentored by great teachers, clinicians, researchers and wonderful human beings as Professors’ Dr. Premlata Varthakavi Madam, Dr. Nikhil Bhagwat Sir and Dr. Manoj Chadha Sir. He also had the privilege of observing and learning from the clinical acumen of Professor Dr. Nalini Shah. He got the prestigious Bill Marshall Fellowship in 2014 and a golden opportunity to learn from Professor Mehul Dattani at University College of London and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, United Kingdom. At present, he is practicing at Fortis, Mohali.


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Teaching Experience

Dr. Sachin Mittal has done and continues to teach medical students and general physicians in Endocrinology. While teaching, the focus is mainly on concept building with lot of interactions. The goal is to help budding doctors connect the dots and emphasize the importance of comprehensive diagnosis rather than merely symptomatic treatment. Most important is to instil compassion while treating the patients.

Entrepreneural Journey

The passion of helping people especially senior citizens live a life of dignity in the comfort of their homes has led Dr. Sachin Mittal to be one of the founding partner of VCARE AT HOME HEALTH SERVICES, a start-up, focused on providing in-home health care services. More information on VCARE AT HOME HEALTH SERVICES can be found at www.vcareathome.com

Virtual Clinic

Every patient deserves the very best of medical opinion. Compliance and coordination are the integral aspect of any treatment – more so for chronic endocrine disorders like diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol problems etc. Thus, Telemedicine in selected patients, if used in a proper manner, can play a vital role in improving access between patient and doctor. It can also be cost-effective and may help improve Outcomes in patients.

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